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Q.bloxx D107


Q.bloxx D107
ㆍ모델명 Q.bloxx D107
ㆍ특징 Q.bloxx D107





   6 configurable digital inputs


   2 channels, each 3 differential or single-ended, frequency, counter, PWM, state


  • Adjustable threshold in 256 steps

    Differential inputs in the range of -20 V up to + 20 V,
    Single-ended inputs in the range of 0 V up to +26 V


  • Frequency inputs

    Frequency measurement up to 1 MHz (Chronos method), direction recognition


  • Counter

    Up/down counter, quadrature counter with reference zero, up to 1 MHz


  • PWM inputs

    Measurement of duty cycle and frequency, output with variable frequency and/or duty cycle


  • Galvanic isolation

    Terminal 1, Terminal 2, power supply and interface
    Isolation voltage 500 VDC